Osho Social Active Meditations

Active Social Meditations

Take some time and do something just for you! Currently, the ability of meditation to relieve stress, relax and rejuvenate the body is becoming increasingly accepted by society. However, most people think of meditation as sitting cross-legged on the floor. But there’s so much more. Active Social Meditations guide you to dance, meet people and express yourself, release emotions and feel your vital energy. Therefore, as these activities nourish your body and mind, you will naturally be led to a space of stillness and meditation.

Meditações sociais ativas

Osho Active Meditations

Osho Active Meditations, techniques created by Indian master Osho*, associate activity and expression with meditation. In this sense, Active Meditations awaken vital energy and move stagnant emotions. Most people live in anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, among others. This is because recognizing our emotions and expressing them consciously should be taught from the 1st year of school. But it is not. So, these practices also serve as an emotional reeducation.

Meditações ativas

When you’re angry with someone, you can’t sit quietly. You sit and brood over your anger. But in expressing anger, emotion itself can drive you into silence.

In the same way, if you are sad, what you need is to cry to release and create new internal space. However, we are programmed in zombie mode not to feel too much. As if we were machines ready to produce at any time.

Dance, scream, jump, shake, march, move your body energy before silence. Active Meditations are very effective for helping those who “cannot meditate”, as well as for beginners who have never practiced meditation.

In the times we live in and with the intense mental activity of most people, sitting down, turning off your thoughts and relaxing is not easy.

If you’re too tense from a day’s work, when you sit down your body will hurt.

However, if you shake beforehand or dance, your body relaxes and opens to the possibility of entering the dimension of meditation.

Active meditation techniques, created for the real situations of the contemporary man, are very simple and, therefore, very efficient.

Why Active Meditations?

“If you are able to sit still, meditation is not necessary. But can you just sit and do nothing? That's the big question."

Above all, active meditations strengthen, energize and are anti-depressant. Stress accumulated in the body and mind makes it difficult to reach the meditative state, so in order to access our inner strength center, we need to release our tensions.

Osho’s active meditations are designed to enable us to consciously express our repressed feelings and, from there, enter a meditative state that allows observation and consequent change in our habitual patterns.

*Osho, the most talked about Indian master of the 20th century, was a rebellious and independent spirit. He challenged all religions, all accepted social and political traditions, insisting on experiencing the truth for himself, rather than acquiring knowledge and beliefs given by others. His speeches are published in over 650 titles and translated into over 30 languages. Being that, until today, his active meditations are practiced in all continents.