I started my personal growth path in 2003 after an academic and professional journey in ​​Education and Communication.

Oriental Dance was my gateway, and for some years I lived dedicated to this Art as a performer and teacher.

Sacred Feminine

Through dance I naturally started working with the Sacred Feminine, which I started to share in 2005, when I facilitated the first Women’s Circles.

For some years these gathering were Women in Skirts.

Later, in 2007, I created the Woman’s Path Retreat, where we explored various Female themes. This happens, consistently, a few times a year in different locations, Portugal and abroad, having awakened and supported hundreds of Women over the years.

Deva Shamim Biografia

Moon Mother

I facilitate Womb Healing and Blessing as well as Iniciation Ceremonies for Women.

Bioenergetic Therapist

Formed by Prem Milan, at Centro Namastê, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Osho Active Meditation Facilitator, trained at Osho Meditation Resort Puna, India.

Deva Shamim is my sanyasin name, which means Divine Flame. This name was given to me in the Osho Rachana Community in Brazil after a deep work of 18 days of primal Father and Mother deconditioning. This Divine Flame guides me on the way back to my essence and personal truth.

Master Osho is a profound inspiration in my life. A Master who reminds me of the importance of emotional expression, of celebration, elevating them to Meditation!

Inspired by the journeys of growth and learning that I take both to Asian cultures, and all their Meditation heritage, as well as the Indigenous Traditions of South and Central America, as well as the European heritage that runs in my veins, the work I share drinks from different sources of knowledge.

Shamanic Influences

I’m Sweat Lodge Keeper, trained by Eve Mayer and Standing Bear, as well as Soul Hunting Healer trained by Wilbert Alix.

Apprentice of Sacred Healing Plants of the Amazonian Tradition, I organize Amazonian plant diets and Shamanic Healing Circles.

Finally, I am recently graduated as an Experiential Feng Shui and House Ki Astrology Consultant.

“Shamim integrates all these dimensions in her work, moving from more earthly dimensions to more spiritual dimensions in a work that embraces the Human Being in an integral and evolutionary way. “