Emotional Release and Meditation

In these Emotional Release and Meditation sessions we use Bioenergetic therapy tools for emotional release as well as to release old stories crystallized in the body.

We all have ahead of us a healing process related to our parents, educators, society, etc. and all the patterns and conditioning that we receive from them that prevent us from living spontaneously, respecting our truth and greater purpose.

Most do not embrace this healing process and live repeating patterns and conditionings, finding themselves victims of them.

Others roll up their sleeves, get to work and decide to open the catacombs of their personal stories and release what is useless. This is what these emotional release and meditation sessions are for.

In each session we start with a conversation of understanding and support, followed by bioenergetic exercises and ending with meditation and relaxation.

These sessions are ideal for anyone who wants to do ongoing, profound work on themselves. The patient will be supported during the process with practices and suggestions to integrate the change in their daily life.