Dance Celebration

Dance Celebrations are Freestyle Conscious Dance sessions, with a DJ set prepared for the event. In these sessions the intention is to let the dance and celebration lift your vital energy.

We dance to different rhythms and beats that will create the perfect atmosphere for you to travel within yourself. We dance in the polarities of life, between ecstasy and stillness, liberation and silence, the Self and the Other, the Everything and the Nothing.

Dancing is a powerful therapy, it brings us Vitality and Joy.


Dance Celebration

Vital energy is necessary to maintain balance and well-being in our lives. When this energy does not flow freely, that is, when it is blocked, our body feels it. Consciously moving your body helps to release this blockage and as a result your vital energy will flow freely making you feel better physically and mentally.

Cacao Dance Celebration: Cacao Medicine

Sometimes we have sessions where we start by having Sacred Mayan Cacao, which will activate us energetically and open our Heart to dance!