Woman’s Path

The Woman’s Path Retreat, created by Deva Shamim in 2005, takes place a few times a year in different locations in Portugal as well as abroad, and has awakened and empowered thousands of women over the years.

In these unique and special Retreats, Shamim puts all her tools at the service of the Sacred Feminine. With the intention of Healing, Strengthening and the Ancestral Wisdom of Women and all the history that each one carries in their Wombs.

In this space not only personal healing takes place, but the healing of our female lineage can also happen.

In each circle the invitation is to open the Heart to true Sisterhood, a safe space of trust as well as mutual support among Women.

Each Retreat addresses a different theme of the Feminine Universe according to the time of the year and the needs of the moment in which we live.

Above all, the Woman’s Path is a Homecoming. We take off the armor of daily life and thus allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Relax, learn, play, dare, heal, nourish, as well as receive nourishment. In this way we return stronger and aligned with the Wise Woman who lives within each of us.

Knowing how to better listen to our needs by communicating them. Also knowing how to respect our healthy boundaries and thus increasingly expanding our ability to love and be loved.

retiros caminho da mulher