Sweat Lodge Ceremony

sauna sagrada

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony represents the Return to the Womb of the Great Mother, dark, hot and humid where life is generated. Where we can die and then be reborn.


The Sweat Lodge is a ritual that different traditions and cultures have used, both therapeutically and ceremonially, throughout history. Therefore, today its practice survives thanks to the tradition of different indigenous communities in Mexico, Central America and the Indians of North America. It is, without a doubt, a rejuvenating experience that represents the return to the womb of Mother Earth! A renaissance!

Fire, air, stones, water are our allies and guides in this process.

Inside the womb of Mother Earth, we will exude our prayers and be reborn for a new cycle that we have started. Cradled by the sacred chants, we align more and more with our true nature, recognizing the direction we want to go in. In this sacred space healing can take place, toxins from the body are eliminated through heat, sweat and energy is released.

Extremely beneficial for your health, this ritual invites us to give to the earth parts of ourselves that we want to transform so that others can be born!

Come cleanse your body, mind and spirit just as other ancient civilizations have done for thousands of years!

Benefits of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony: