How did it start

Bioenergetics is a technique developed by Alexander Lowen, a student of Wilhelm Reich who found that when we repress emotions we create tension in our body’s muscles, which consumes a huge amount of energy from our own vital system. Little by little these tensions block essential emotional functions such as love, power, sexuality, joy, pleasure, and relaxation.

All the feelings we repress in life are stored in our muscle memory.


How does Bioenergetics work?

For example, when we feel angry at someone or something, our jaw unconsciously creates tension in the neck and locks in the breath. In this way we lock away anger. It will be in the muscles of the chin, jaw, neck, and diaphragm, which is where we hold our breath. As we have done this so many times in our lives, it becomes an automatic pattern in the body. This energy locked in the chin, neck and diaphragm requires an effort from your own system to be trapped there. Through bioenergetics exercises these trapped emotions are released and the body does not need to expend more energy to hold them. And consequently, this means more energy for life, more joy, more passion, more love.

Also, when we feel emotional pain, we lock our shoulders and close our chests, so there is so much tension in the shoulders. We close our chest so as not to feel pain, but this costs a great amount of energy that is also released in the bioenergetic exercises, making it available for life.

Depending on where the exercises are focused, bioenergetic therapy can then help to unlock various types of repressed problems.

Some examples are:

This therapy considers that all life events and experiences are in fact experiences of the body, which can generate defensive behavior patterns for survival and security, and that over time can manifest in psychological symptoms, chronic muscle tension or physical and emotional suffering.

Bioenergetic sessions are highly liberating and energizing!

Come experience the benefits!