Mission & Values

Missão Deva Shamim

In a world where most people live on the run, with no time to stop, breathe, observe, give value to what has value, there is an urgent need to create moments in which the Human Being can get in touch with himself, and that is my mission.


Just as we look at our house detecting damage, faults, what needs to be tidied up, cleaned, what is needed, how is the pantry etc… so it should be with each of us.


We need a regular revision in order to keep our inner and outer Temple clean and harmonious for a healthy life to be able to inhabit it.


My Mission and service for the last 20 years is to create conscious living spaces. Where each one can get to know each other better, release emotions, heal what needs to be healed. Where you can strengthen bonds, harmonize energies, take responsibility for your choices and path, and celebrate the blessing of Being Alive!


Lighting the Divine Flame in each Heart we contribute to a happier and more conscious Humanity!