Soul Hunting Ritual

Soul Hunting is a wonderful Contemporary Shamanic Ritual, created by Wilbertx Alix and Frank Natal. This Ritual allows us to rescue lost parts of our Soul, as well as our Heart.

Throughout life we experience situations that create holes in our original egg of light, in our Personal Power.

Situations such as Traumas, Abuses, Abandonment, Illnesses, Losses, Accidents, as well as Addictions, among others, the list is extensive.

This is why Soul Hunting Ritual was created, to make room for this rescue to happen. By bringing back the pieces that were lost during life’s difficult experiences, it rejuvenates vital energy and restores the integrity of the soul.

Soul Hunting
soul dancing

Ritual Soul Hunting energizes life and heals deep traumas from both childhood and current life.

Participants have the opportunity to heal physical, mental, emotional, as well as sexual trauma.

In this event, we gather some tools from the shamanic tradition, such as breathing, ego surrender, drum travel, breath of life.

Just like that, immersed in a sacred environment, the participant “travels” to spaces that connect him with his true self and with the Great Spirit.

Shamanic rituals energize and reconnect body and soul, opening unknown interior spaces, bringing clarity, new visions, and revelations about our lives, getting in touch with the rhythm of the spirit.

This Ritual allows, in this way, for a deep inner journey, beyond space and time, accessing deep and hidden levels of consciousness and consequently destroying the barriers of the ego.