Shamanic Plant Diet

Amazon and Portugal

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Since 2005, Shamim has embraced a Sacred Path with the Master Plants of the Amazon and their Diets. Since then, almost every year she participates and organizes Shamanic Plant Diets in the incredible Peruvian Amazon and now more recently also in Portugal.

The term ‘diet’ refers to a practice within the indigenous healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest that shamans, or healers, use to build relationships with plant spirits. These healers regularly take Power Plants to communicate directly with the spirits, heal, and learn from them.

The Amazon is a true healing pharmacy with all its rich biodiversity

However, their relationships with the plant spirits are ongoing, as are the relationships people have with one another. Building relationships with these plants is extremely important to working effectively with them in treating a multitude of diseases and conditions. Many plant spirits provide benefits other than healing, such as protection, guidance, and wisdom. Within traditional Amazonian medicine, plants are considered living beings capable of transmitting knowledge, once consumed within specific rituals such as diets.

In the last decades, this type of retreat has become more accessible to ordinary people, not just healers, and more and more people are looking for these diets for personal healing, as well as learning with plants and consequently deep reconnection with the wisdom of Mother Earth.

Dietas Xamânica de Plantas

How Plant Diets Work

Generally, on a diet, a person sacrifices the pleasures of physical stimulation by abstaining from sex, alcohol, and sweet, spicy, salty foods, etc. In exchange for this sacrifice, the plant spirits agree to teach, guide, protect, strengthen, or endow the dieter with special abilities. Typically, the diet is done in isolation in nature, in order to avoid any temptations that might come from interactions with people who aren’t doing or don’t understand the diet. It is a deep dive into ourselves and into our true essence. Facing fears and transforming them. Reconnecting to the Original being that gets lost in everyday life.

With no distractions, with the diet and the help of plants, you are with yourself, with Mother Nature and with the Cosmos and that is all you have. It is a very deep journey into your soul and the true meaning of life.