Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles are spaces of Pure Healing and Nutrition. The topics covered are in line with Feminine Cyclicity and the Inner Universe of Women.

Anchored in the wisdom that when a group of Women come together and share, Magic and Healing happens.

Here we rescue the Wise Woman that each of us is, embracing all the other archetypal energies that inhabit us.

Together we help each other to give birth to the best version of ourselves!

These circles are open to all women, regardless of age and experience. A circle of Women works as therapy where we free ourselves, open our hearts and realize that there are other Women with similar issues to ours and that by sharing we understand and see other ways to solve issues. In the end we always come out stronger and inspired.

círculos de mulheres

For us, for our Ancestors and for the next generations of Women who will walk here on this Earth!