Womb Blessing and Healing

The Womb Blessing and Healing sessions are dedicated to Women and the physical and energetic health of their Wombs.

These sessions are open to all women regardless of age or physical condition. The return is a general energetic alignment in the female body and consequently a sense of wellbeing and rootedness.

This Womb Blessing and Healing method was created by Miranda Gray, author of several books and who over the years created a worldwide movement, Worldwide Womb Blessing, which syntonizes thousands of women to the Blessing and Healing of their Wombs.

This process comprises 2 parts:

A wonderful transmission of energy from the Great Mother, from the Sacred Feminine for our feminine harmony and rooting as Lunar and Earthly Women.

Through the healing touch we realign the archetypal energies of our Sacred Womb, Portal of Life! Restoring the harmonious energetic circuit of the Womb and its uterine memories.

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