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The Purpose of Life is the creation of a Life with Purpose

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With this Vision I share different ancestral and contemporary practices to support you in returning to the Essence of your Being and Life Path!

I believe that the value is not in reaching the goal, but in the quality and learning in each step taken!

You make your path by following your path…

Práticas Ancestrais e Contemporâneas

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Retreat for Women

Womans Path Retreat

18th to 20th November

This Retreat has been taking place consistently over the last 18 years, in Portugal and abroad, with the mission of Awakening, Healing and Empowering Women on their Life Path!

During these days we will take a break from the roles we play in our daily lives and use contemporary and shamanic therapeutic tools to support us in returning to our Essence of Woman.

Time for You :: Time to Stop and Feel

If this call resonates with you send us a message to find out more.

Discounted registrations until October 18 :: Limited places

Práticas Ancestrais e Contemporâneas dance celebation
Práticas Ancestrais e Contemporâneas
Práticas Ancestrais e Contemporâneas