Shamanic Retreat with Deva Shamim and Dream Team
22 - 25 April 2022
Monte Mariposa, Tavira

4 Days of Ancestral Shamanic Practices to reconnect with your Soul and the Original Web of Life.

shamanic retreat

Why is this retreat for you?

Are you lost in the midst of so much chaos?

Do you feel Uprooted and Tired, in need of connecting with Yourself and Nature?

You can’t find space in your days to listen to yourself and to your needs?

The crazy world we live in is constantly shifting and changing. Uncertain and chaotic times. Our fears, as well as our Faith and Strength have been constantly tested.

There is a constant murmur caused by all this restlessness. It is urgent that we find silence so that we can listen to our Soul. Disconnect from the Mundane Illusion and connect to the Higher Vision of Planetary transition we are going through. The Greater Good! The Stillness in the Midst of the Storm!

It is time to redeem lost fragments of our Being/Soul and to continue our mission on Earth more Complete, Stronger, Firm and in Love, irradiating Light!

For this we must stop, silence, cleanse and purify, expand our consciousness, and reconnect with Mother Earth’s Strength and its Elements!

Soul Quest creates the perfect conditions for you to dive back into your Essence! The Time is Now!

We are all being called to be in Service! It is urgent to anchor a vibration of Peace on Earth!

This work must always start inside of Us, finding Peace within, and then expanding Outwards!

For some reason we are here, in this exact time in existence.

We will do our Best!

For us, for all our Relationships, for Mother Earth and all Beings!

What is Soul Quest?

4 Days to Connect

with the Mysterious Dimensions of your Soul

with the Purpose of your Path in Life

with the Healing of the parts of yourself you need to Enlighten

with your Inner Silence

with Mother Nature and its Elements

With Yourself

This retreat is an opportunity for you to strengthen yourself, to find balance and to prepare for the missions of your life with the impeccability and integrity owed of a Conscious Being!



friday 22 Abril
  • Arrival at 3pm
  • Opening Circle
  • Sacred Lodge Ritual
saturday 23 april
  • Morning practice: Body Consciousness, Breathing and Meditation
  • Moment of Solitude and Cleanse
  • Plant Bath
  • Creative Moment
  • Zen Walk in Nature
  • Healing Ceremony, Amazon Medicine
Sunday 24 april
  • Morning practice: Body Consciousness, Breathing and Meditation
  • Moment of Solitude and Cleanse
  • Plant Bath
  • Creative Moment
  • Soul Rescue Ritual
  • Healing Ceremony, Amazon Medicine
monday 25 april
  • Morning practice: Body Consciousness, Breathing and Meditation
  • Moment of Solitude and Cleanse
  • Plant Bath
  • Creative Moment
  • Integration and Sharing Circle
  • Surprise Closing Ritual

This will be a Detox retreat.

Giving our digestive system a break brings numerous benefits to our body, health, and wellbeing, so we will only be having liquids during the retreat.

Water, fruits and vegetable juices and teas. On the last day we will start introducing some solid foods in a last meal.

In this sense, there will be a two-week guided preparation before the retreat, as well as after the retreat.

Post Retreat :: Integration

Each participant will receive a programme to work on individually in the following week for a more complete integration.

This programme will contain:

  • A Daily Guided Audio Meditation
  • Practices and exercises for reflection and integration in daily life
  • Post Detox Food programme
  • Group Zoom Meeting session for sharing


Monte Mariposa, Tavira

Monte Mariposa is a residential Retreat Centre in the heart of the Algarve. The Centre is located in a beautiful valley which creates a supportive environment for self development, relaxation and silence.

A very special place in the tranquillity of the Algarve nature. 

We will be staying in shared wooden cabins.  

Monte Mariposa retiro Xamânico
Soul Quest Retiro Xamânico


from 370,00€ to 480,00€

Choose your price consciously according to your possibilities.

To secure your place you must make a payment of 50% of the total amount.* The remaining amount is due on arrival.

The prices include all the retreat practices, accommodation, meals and post retreat support programme.

Please note that there is a limited number of participants. Sign up in good time to secure your place.

*In case of cancelation, this amount is not refundable. Except in case of illness.



Retiro Xamânico
"I could start by replacing the word Retreat with… The Path of Love!! This path, this retreat, brought me clarity of the duality, of the limitations that conditioned me and showed me the Truth of what we are… Love beats all boundaries, unites all poles and concours Freedom!! The Freedom to BE…without fear! Having had this opportunity, this Blessing, this Gift in my life, was like receiving the Breath of Life… Now everything is clearer, brighter, more alive, with more Love! It is priceless to live in this dimension…"
Susana P., Portugal
"I have had the privilege to be part of many retreats organised by Shamim. All different but all with one thing common: deep healing. Shamim is a very skilled healer with a great gift of making feel people welcome and safe. Although i moved my life somewhere else i have great memories of her and her team. Each of them are very kind and open. And their musicality is a real inspiration to me. I'm sure one day I will return to Shamim and her profound wisdom and healing capacity. Thank you, "
Sybe, Holand
"I have worked with Deva Shamim on numerous occasions over the past few years and find her to be an amazing space holder, who shares the many tools and wisdom she has learnt with love and integrity. She embodies the mother energy, taking care that everybody feels safe, nourished and held in a loving space, free to explore the realms of consciousness, without fear or expectation."
Alexandra R., UK
deva shamim

About the Facilitator

Shamim is a Bioenergetic Therapist and Facilitator of Active Osho Meditations and embraces his teachings in her life and service.

Inspired by her travels to, not only Asian cultures and all the Meditation heritage, as well as the Indigenous South and Central America Traditions, Shamim draws her knowledge and practice from different sources.

She is a Sweat Lodge Keeper and Soul Hunting Healer, both Shamanic Ceremonies of purification and rescue, that she facilitates with the purpose of Healing and Connection of the Human Being with Earth and its Soul.

An apprentice since 2005 of the Knowledge of the Sacred Healing Plants of the Peruvian Amazonian Tradition.

She organizes plant diets in the Amazon, with groups from all over the world.

Retiro Xamânico

Shamim guides regular Shamanic Healing circles with Remedies of the Jungle.

Her mission is to create conditions for each participant to enter in contact with their essence and remember their purpose in life. Healing and purifying parts of their Being.

Shamim integrates all these dimensions in her work, shifting from a more earthly dimension to a more spiritual one, in a practice that embrace the Human Being in a unified and evolutionary way.